Saturday, December 6, 2008

25 gifts of Christmas

Gifts are awesome, don't you think?
Normally my friends get two presents for Christmas. One from their parents and one from Santa.
Guess what?
My crazy( et loving) mother decided that this year she will buy us each a gift on every day from December 1 st to 25th.
25 gifts to open on Christmas morning.
24 small ones, one big one and a gift from Santa..Now that is a lot of gifts. Don't you think?
I really want to open the gifts she has bought me so far.. but she is adamant. Open a gift before Christmas and lose the rest of the gifts!
She does have one offer. I can open one gift, if I tell her what I got for her for Christmas. Man, I am tempted, but not that tempted to tell her what I got for her. She just has to wait until Christmas like the rest of us. Ain't I strong? Oh yeah!

Last year, my baby sister wanted to know what gifts mama was giving to us. Mama being mama,decided to put her trickery to test. Do you know what she did?
She told my sister that I was getting a skate board and my brother was getting a surf board.
When I asked her what my brother and sister getting for Christmas, she made me promise not to tell my siblings and told me that my sister was getting a surf board and my brother was getting a skate board.
You can guess what she would have told my brother when he asked her..

My baby sister couldn't keep any secrets and she promptly came and told us what mama was giving us..
Well, we soon figured out that she was tricking us..
That trick isn't going to work this year..

So guess what? My mama wanted to know what I was getting her this time and I gave her a clue.
2 words. The first one start with S and the second word starts with b and ends with d.
She didn't seem pleased!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Thanksgiving is a yummy holiday.
It's yummy because there is lots of food such as turkey (my favourite and the best part of thanksgiving),stuffing,cranberry sauce,pumpkin pie and lots more.
Usually the turkey lasts for months to come and ends up as sandwich filling. Boy you wouldn't want to know how long Turkey stays in our fridge and how creative my mother can be to get us to eat it. Now that is not the best part of Thanksgiving

Last year I made a turkey out of a Pringles can.My mom said it was a great idea.My other favourite part of thanksgiving is the arts and crafts as you all know I love arts and crafts.This year my sister made a whole lot of thanksgiving cards for nobody. She also made a Thanksgiving turkey out of candies and an apple. She stuck the candies using toothpick on to the apple and she ate most of her turkey before we even reached back home from the school.
My brother's favourite part of thanksgiving is of course the food.Boy do I love thanksgiving.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am such a klutz..

I am such a klutz.
I bump in to everything and anything in my way. I have scabs and bruises all over my body. My mother no longer feels sorry for me.
Can you believe that?
Isn't she a meanie?
When my sister as much as bumps her nose so very lightly, my mom feels soooooo sorry. She says, Are you OK baby. She never ever says that to me. All she says to me is

It is true 99% of the time, I don't look where I am going and walk in to things such as glass doors( do you know how much your nose hurts if you do that?), furniture and lamp posts.
I even get hurt while walking from my room to the kitchen.
I bump in to the rocking chair and say ouch, then I bump in to the door and say ouch ouch, then I bump in to the refrigerator and say ouch ouch ouch and most often I also bump in to the dining chairs.
Even while swimming I get hurt because I bump my head on to the wall every single day.

But getting hurt is not as big of a trouble as to spilling stuff. I always spill liquid be it milk, juice or even plain old water when I pour. My mom says every single time you pour something you have to spill it. She just doesn't get it that I am a born klutz.
I wish there be a day that I can walk from my room to the kitchen without saying ouch ouch ouch ouch....

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I love chocolate?
Why? You may ask.
Well, doesn't everybody? I guess that is everyone except my mother. She doesn't like to eat chocolate. ( Can you believe that?)
Coming to the point, I love chocolate, because it taste good and because it is junk food.
All kids like junk food. That is what makes us kids.
I am sure when my mother was a kid, she loved chocolate just as I do.

My favourite types of chocolate are Hazelnut and milk chocolate. My favourite brands are Purdy's, kit kat, coffee crisp and dairy milk.. Oh man ,I could go on mentioning all my favourite chocolate brands.
The ideal way to start a day is to have a chocolate for breakfast. But do you think that will work with my mother? She doesn't consider chocolate to be a healthy breakfast.( why oh why she had to be a doctor?)
I strongly disagree with my mother.
However, We are allowed to have one chocolate every day.
Isn't chocolate yummy for your tummy?

Friday, September 26, 2008

My grandma

Everyone has a real grandmother, I have 3.
2 of my grandmother's live far away from me.
Guess what?
My 3rd Grandmother is my adopted grandmother. But really she thinks of us as her real grand children.
We absolutely love her.
She lives in Seattle and visits us every now and then. We know when she is coming for a visit because my mother would be busy tidying up the house and screaming at us to help her!
Every time my grandmother visits us, she brings us loads of gifts like books, card games, puzzles,toys, board games and clothes.
But the best thing she gives us is her time. She reads with us, plays games with us and helps us to do puzzles.
My grandmother loves to travel a lot and she sends us post cards from the places she visits and sometimes she even brings us stuff from the places she visits.
I love my grandmother and I hope she will come and visit us when we go to Australia.
Oh I forgot, I have one more adopted grandmother, but that is another story. Here is a clue about her..
All her grandchildren call her 'mad grandma' with lots of love.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Knitting Catastrophes!

I have many talents such as good at art, soccer, swimmer, skater, roller blading and skateboarding. But knitting, badminton and cooking are somethings that I totally suck at. It is even more heart breaking because my mama is better in those things.
In this post I am not talking about badminton or cooking fiascoes. I am talking about knitting catastrophes!
The first time I tried knitting, all the knots came off the needle.
Second time I tried knitting, I started of with 10 knits and ended up with 41 !
My mother who learned to knit only few months ago laughed till she dropped when she saw the long piece of knitting that was supposed to be a small scarf. Some of the knots were actually falling off my needle.
Today my mom and I were having a knitting contest. My mom is making me a poncho and she had 37 knits on her needle. I am making a scarf and I have 18 knits on my needle. After I finished doing my whole row, my mom counted her stitches and she had done 27 knits by the time I finished doing 18. Is that fair or not? I am only 10 you know. I tried to explain that to my mom, but she still had the winning grin on her face. Man, she is not fair. Oops, I am not allowed to say 'not fair' in our house for my mother strongly believes that life is not fair anyway and you just have to live with it. The consequences for saying 'not fair' is either doing all the CHORES or paying mama 10 bucks. By the way she already owes me and my siblings 20 bucks because she herself said not fair twice!
I am actually knitting the scarf for my mother and as always I expect her to use what I made for her. The only thing is, there are couple of holes in the scarf where I had dropped stitches. But still you must admit it is a beautiful scarf because unlike the last time, this time I haven't gained a single stitch.
Onwards I march holding the mighty knitting needles and hoping no other catastrophe awaits for me while I complete my project. I may suck at knitting, but I am determined to finish this scarf.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Last week I got a bee sting on my eye.
I was walking back from the clothes rack and suddenly this bee came whizzing by and got caught inside my glasses.
Can you imagine? A bee inside my glasses!
I screamed and threw my glasses on the ground. By then the bee had stung my eye.
So I did what any child would do.
I screamed and ran to my mother and said a bee stung inside my eye.
She said a bee couldn't sting inside my eye( something to do with reflex reaction) and asked me to stop screaming, so she could look at my eye.
My mother said that a bee could sting on your eyelid not inside your eye.
I stopped screaming but started crying on the top of my voice.

Then my mom started crying! but not for me, for the bee.
She kept saying oh the poor bee! my daughter must have frightened the living day light out of the poor innocent bee that was only looking for some nectar.
Then she called me a Bee killer!
Then she said my daughter is the reason why the bees are becoming extinct, and yet I had only killed two bees in my life. The other one I stepped on with both my feet on the first day of school.
How did I step on the bee with both my feet? At first I stepped on the bee with my left leg and I jumped, then the bee moved and I stepped on it with my right leg.
I was so angry with my mother and told mama that she is the meanest mom on planet earth.
Finally after many attempts my mother got me to shut up.After she shut me up she applied after bite and boy did that sting. Then she gave me Benadryl tablet to prevent an allergic reaction.
Then she told me to lie down.I lied down for a couple of minutes.When I woke up my mom said to go look in the mirror I saw this big funny looking swollen bump on my eye.
She eventually said I am sorry. She said that I was over reacting and she wanted me to calm down by distracting me by calling me a bee killer.

Ouch that bee sting really hurt!